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Release Notes

Release 79 Notes – November 2022

By November 3, 2022December 9th, 2022No Comments

Variant Pricing

  • Added the ability to apply extra amounts to variants within a reward.
    To add pricing to variants, follow the steps below:
    • Add a reward or edit an existing reward.
    • Navigate to the “Variants” tab.
    • Enter the variant label and extra amount OR select the pencil icon next to any existing variant and change the “Extra amount”.
    • Select “Add” OR “Apply”
    • Select “Add reward” OR “Apply changes”
  • The extra amount is added to the price of the reward set on the “Basics” tab.
  • Variant pricing is not supported if the reward is set to Flexible.
  • Supporters will see the total price of the variant when selecting a variant for the reward. See the screenshot below:

Selecting Multiple Variants

  • Added the ability for supporters to purchase different variants for the same reward.
  • If quantity limits permit, supporters will see a new button labelled “Add another”, when choosing their rewards. See the screenshot below:


Tasks (Formerly: Admin Panel)

  • Tasks can now be accessed from any campaign page.
    • To access tasks, select “Tasks” in the side navigation or the tasks icon on the top right of the page (circled in red below).

Share Campaign

  • Access to the Share page has been moved from the Admin Panel to the side navigation.

Payment Confirmation

  • Removed the 10-minute delay for contribution confirmation emails. Contribution confirmation emails will now be sent immediately.

Save Campaign

  • When selecting save from any Sub-campaign or Registration page, users will remain on the same page instead of being sent back to the “View campaign” page.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed a bug that excluded shipping addresses from certain transaction reports.