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Release Notes

Release 78 Notes – October 2022

By October 3, 2022October 4th, 2022No Comments


Added the ability to apply add-on shipping costs to any shippable reward.

If enabled, add-on shipping costs will be applied when more than one reward is purchased in a single transaction.

When enabled, the total shipping cost will be calculated as follows:

The regular shipping cost for the reward with the highest shipping cost + the add-on shipping cost for each additional reward added to the same order.

  • To enable, follow the steps below:
    • Select “Enable add-on shipping costs” in the “Shipping & fulfillment” tab of any shippable reward.
    • Enter the desired add-on shipping cost in the “Add-on cost” column of the shipping table below the setting.
    • Select “Add”.
    • Select “Apply changes” or “Add reward” and save the campaign.

Reply-to Email Addresses

Added the ability for Enterprise customers to add a reply-to email address for all system-generated emails.

  • To enable, enter the desired reply-to email address in the “Basics” tab of the partner portal settings.

Registration Settings

Added the ability to require registrants to join existing teams.

When enabled, registrants will not be allowed to create their own team (unless no team exists).

  • To enable, follow the steps below:
    • Navigate to Registration settings.
    • Set “Registration & tracking” to “Customizable”
    • Set “Optimize registration for” to “Teams”.
    • Set “Allow new team creation?” to “No”.
    • Save the campaign.


Added the ability to sort campaign transaction reports by Date & Amount.