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Release Notes

Release 77 Notes – September 2022

By September 22, 2022October 3rd, 2022No Comments

New Features


  • Added the ability to compose, send and schedule email communications to select recipient groups.
  • Added the ability to view a history of all communications and activity feed updates.

Recurring Donations

  • Added the ability for campaign administrators to pause and resume recurring contributions.
  • Added the ability for campaign administrators to skip a recurring contribution.
  • Added a new notification when restarting recurring contributions that have been skipped/paused.


  • Discontinued the WePay integration. Payments will no longer be processed through WePay.
  • Added the ability to accept direct credit card payments through PayPal.


Fraud Management

  • Additional controls were added to increase safety across all ConnectionPoint platforms.

User Experience

  • Simplified the navigation for enabling and managing sub-campaigns.
  • Changed terminology from “Multi-tier” & “Master” to “Sub-campaigns”.
  • Improved discoverability on the /find page by adding filters to campaign categories.
  • Improved campaign creation workflow.
    • Redesign to support the future release of campaign Templates.
    • Added the ability to clone a campaign directly from the campaign creation workflow.
    • Simplified the “Funding” step where users select an existing or connect to a new payment provider.

Quick fixes were released on August 22nd

  • Added Puerto Rico as a permitted banking location.
  • Unlocked the ability to change campaign currency when no contributions have been processed.

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