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Release Notes

Release 75 Notes – May 2022

By May 16, 2022October 3rd, 2022No Comments

Unified login

  • FundRazr, CrowdFundr, and other new Whitelabel partner sites will now use a unified ConnectionPoint login (with being the login domain
  • Existing Whitelabel partner sites will continue to use their custom, segregated user accounts
  • Users can see all their campaigns and organizations (across all platforms supporting the unified login) on while seeing a partner-site specific subset on Whitelabel partner sites

Pricing models

  • Replaced pricing model terminology: Instead of FreeStandard, and Pro – we now refer to Simply freeNot free, and Nearly free
  • Custom Pro models created by an organization, now appear as Custom instead of Pro
  • We also removed/replaced any inaccurate reference to quoted payment processing fees

Checkout flow

  • Use the PayPal buttons checkout for a streamlined checkout experience (Pledge and recurring payments continue to use the PayPal billing agreement based checkout)
  • If supported, Venmo should be available as a payment option (US only)
  • Redesigned checkout to always show a confirmation page with all available payment options
  • Show all selected items including the total on the payment confirmation page


  • Added support for rich-text formatting of reward descriptions
  • Note that the supported markup is more restrictive than what is available for story updates and campaign stories

Currency conversion on prices

  • We now offer an option to convert the campaign’s total raised and the prices of rewards to the page visitor’s local currency (if applicable, based on the geolocation determined by the user’s IP address)

Campaign categorization

  • Creating a new campaign now requires the selection of a category
  • Creating a new organization campaign will try to default the category (e.g. to Non-profits)
  • Whitelabel partner accounts now support campaign sub-categories
  • If applicable, managers can optionally select a sub-category for their campaign

Order items report

  • Order items can now be filtered by the payment completion status (Similar to the Transactions report)
  • Order items can now be optionally grouped in the downloadable report (by inserting blank rows as separators)

Tax receipts

  • Custom templates now support two additional, optional variables: organization_name and tax_number
  • This comes in handy for e.g. Fiscal sponsors that manage multiple organizations using the same tax receipt template


  • Our rich-text editor now supports adding animating gifs
  • Updated language on campaign creation and edit pages
  • Restructured use of database transaction usage during payment processing to avoid the problem of missing transactions
  • Optimized the title bar for mobile devices
  • All our error pages (404, Unauthorized access, etc.) are now fully responsive

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