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Release Notes

Release 74 Notes – March 2022

By March 31, 2022October 4th, 2022No Comments

Campaign task management

  • Tasks can now be snoozed, marked as done, and dismissed
  • The following filter views are now available: To doDoneSnoozedDismissedRecently modified and All
  • By default, we now show 20 tasks on the Admin panel page (compared to 10 in the pull-down content on campaign pages)
  • The tasklist now uses space more efficiently and tasks can be modified directly from the tasklist view (without looking at the task details)
  • Replaced the Contact your team option with Create a task
  • Tasks can now contain rich-text content
  • Allow the creation of tasks that should only be done once (compared to being done by every single team member)
  • The team member that created a task has the ability to modify it
  • Campaign managers can delete tasks created by any team member

Campaign About tab

  • Added a new About menu item to the campaign sidebar menu
  • The tab will be visible for promoters or higher privileged team members
  • Managers will be able to edit internal campaign notes, lower privileged users will be able to view the notes
  • Organization campaigns only: Managers will be able to edit the campaign tags
  • We show some of the campaign time stamps, e.g. creation, launch, and finished date

Flexible price rewards

  • We added a flexible pricing option for rewards
  • Instead of specifying a fixed price (the default), users can create rewards with a minimum price, a suggested price, and optionally, a maximum price
  • During checkout, we default to the suggested price but donors will be able to adjust the amount during checkout
  • Flexible pricing rewards also support promo codes

Editing rewards

  • Within the campaign editor, we now offer an option to clone an existing reward
  • We now prompt for the cost of a reward (instead of defaulting it to zero), to prevent tax receipt issues due to the wrong cost basis (This only applies to organizations that are set up to issue tax receipts)

Story updates

  • Added the ability to reschedule story updates
  • Clarify the messaging to distinguish between uploading media only vs. posting a story update with uploaded media

Campaign pages

  • Improved visibility of rewards on small screens

Refund of transactions

  • Verified organizations now have the ability to issue refunds themselves (without the need to contact us)
  • Refunds are available for payments processed within the last six months through either Stripe or PayPal (the recipient account must have been connected at the time of payment)

Bug fixes

  • Organization notifications: Only send organization team-related notifications (not campaign-related notifications) to organization team members that subscribe to Team member approval notifications
  • Sub-campaigns report: Fixed sorting by creation date
  • iPhone layout improvements for breadcrumbs, top navigation, and others


Stripe payments

  • Disable Apple & Google Pay for pledges. Only regular and recurring payments will show Apple and Google Pay as a payment option (on the corresponding platform).


Story update emails

  • Fixed inconsistencies in email deliveries if multiple updates are posted on the same day. This has resulted in missed deliveries in the past.

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