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Release Notes

Release 73 Notes – March 2022

By March 2, 2022October 3rd, 2022No Comments

Email notifications

  • Added support for a multitude of email notifications
  • Teams can manage who will receive which type of notification
  • Campaign notification events:
    • Sub-campaign signup (only available for master campaigns)
    • Sub-campaign approval (only available for master campaigns)
    • Campaign status update
    • Contribution received
    • Team member approval
    • Coaching tip
    • Team action (all team tasks)
  • Organization notification events:
    • Campaign signup (for both campaign and sub-campaign signups)
    • Sub-campaign approval
    • Campaign status update
    • Contribution received
    • Team member approval (only applies to organization team members)
  • Partner notification events:
    • Campaign & organization signup
    • Commission payout
    • Campaign status update
    • Contribution received
    • Team member approval (only applies to partner team members)


  • Scanning a QR code of a fulfilled ticket now allows campaign managers to check the validity of a ticket
  • Added support for collecting a recipient name and email address for each ticket instance
  • Issued tickets will automatically be fulfilled and delivered to each recipient email specified
  • The recipient name and email address are available in Ticket reports
  • If a recipient name has been collected, the name will be visible on the issued pdf ticket

Campaign registration

  • Added option to only offer a registration reward to campaign owners or team members
  • Added a new rule to the form rule builder that allows toggling specific fields and content for campaign owners or team members


  • Added experimental support for all currencies supported by Stripe (Available for specific campaigns if enabled through our admin console)
  • Added support for daily recurring payments
  • Fixed recurring payments handling for payments that should stop after a specific number of charges
  • Removed all outdated location restrictions (during campaign signup) for running All-or-nothing campaigns

Campaign page

  • Fixed obfuscation of video controls on campaigns using the Storefront layout
  • Fixed slideshow layout for Vimeo cover images


  • Added feature flag to restrict whether organizations are allowed to change their payment processor
  • Added feature flag to restrict whether organizations are allowed to change tax receipt settings
  • Include more details in downloadable organization reports (e.g. mailing address, contact email and phone number)


  • We now stop sending Facebook notifications to the deprecated Facebook Canvas app (Previously this was used for coaching tips and payment received notifications). This has now entirely been replaced by our new email notification management capabilities

Offline contributions

  • Added a bulk-upload option for verified organizations that allows the import of multiple offline contributions at once (by uploading a CSV file)

Campaign editor

  • Allow editors to remove the default campaign video and restore the default image used
  • Make it easy to replace an image in our WYSIWYG editor (no need to remove an existing image)

Transactions report

  • Show the tax receipt number in the transaction details

Sub-campaigns report

  • Added sorting options (similar to other campaign reports)
  • Changed default sort order to show the newest sub-campaigns first

Tax receipts

  • Improved UX by showing the receipt settings page when an organization manager accesses the receipts report page and the settings have not been configured yet

Transactional emails

  • Migrated all transactional emails to our new templating engine
  • Unified appearance (layout and styling) of all emails

Public API

  • Enhanced the campaign stats endpoint to allow segmentation by tag


  • Drastic performance improvements of page load times for users that have a very large number of extended permissions (e.g. to manage campaigns)



  • Removed all Facebook functionality that relies on the revoked user_friends permission
  • This includes the friendship verification on campaign pages as well as the friend option on our find pages


  • Allow lookup of finished campaigns during sponsorship creation in order to be able to add a sponsorship banner after a campaign has already been finished


Bug fixes

  • Recorded/Uploaded video not playing in campaign slideshow
  • Analytics – Organization retention report times out


Bug fixes

  • Reward images on campaign pages were too small
  • Fixed ticket issuance for zero amount payments (e.g. if bought with a 100% off promo code)
  • Skip Launch campaign reminder emails for campaigns that require partner approval


Bug fix

  • Fixed broken profile pages due to failed media gallery init

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