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Release Notes

Release 72 Notes – December 2021

By December 21, 2021October 3rd, 2022No Comments

Text to give

  • Organization campaigns can now enable text to give for their campaigns
  • Campaigns can register a unique short code
  • The short code can then be texted to one of the following numbers and will return some basic campaign details including the campaign’s URL:
    • US: (870) 800-GIVE (4483)
    • Canada: (506) 700-GIVE (4483)

Campaign slideshow

  • Added a slideshow feature that allows visitors to play all media items as a slideshow
  • Campaign manager can enable a slideshow on their campaign page
  • If enabled, a carousel that cycles through all media items will be shown directly on the campaign page
  • Sub-campaigns can specify their own slideshow (always disabled by default)
  • Postponed for later: Custom curation of media items to be included in the slideshow as well as ordering

Data collection

  • Added option to prompt for the conversion of gifts to unrestricted funds
  • Added option to prompt for giving marketing permission to the organization
  • Both options above will be available for organization campaigns only

Multi-tier campaigns

  • Added master campaign option to prevent sub-campaign managers from creating offline contributions
  • Sidebar navigation: Sub-campaigns and Fundraisers are now linked in the main campaign menu (not under Multi-tier)


  • Unified UX and filtering options across different report pages
  • Organization campaigns report:
    • Added Status filter
  • Sub-campaigns report:
    • Added Status filter
    • Added Tags filter and enable tagging from within the report (similar to organization campaign report)
  • Order item report: Adjust the creation time with the proper organization timezone
  • Transaction report: Fixed the topup amount calculation


  • Added sysadmin option to set the default organization for signups
    • All new organization signups will automatically be set up with the same payment accounts as the default organization
    • Personal signups will not use those default payment accounts
  • Partners can now specify campaign defaults
    • This includes default contribution amounts, the default selected amount as well as payment minimum and maximum amounts
    • New campaigns will automatically default to those amounts as long as the campaign’s currency matches or is equivalent in value to the partner currency

Form builder

  • We now allow users to embed videos as part of HTML field content (e.g. for registration forms)

Campaign signups

  • Default the banking location to the user’s geolocated country (if applicable)
  • Passing the goal query parameter now allows for overriding a locked campaign goal
  • Campaign signup and sub-campaign registration now supports defaulting content via the following query parameters: titleintroductiongoallocation (team for regular registration)


  • Added time frame filtering to allow visitors to see the fundraising progress within a predefined time frame
  • Time frame filtering is available in:
    • Leaderboards on campaign pages
    • Leaderboard widgets
  • Note that time frame filtering does not work in conjunction with search


  • Added support for changing the reporting currency and currency spread (Defaults: CAD, 3% spread)
  • This is available for the dashboard, payments volume, net revenue and gross revenue reports


Public API

  • Added support for retrieving organizations by partner ID
  • Include the organization_id field in Campaign, Payment and Tax receipt responses
  • Fixed bug in payments endpoint that resulted in an error if at least one payment collected employer info


  • Use the name on the Stripe account as the statement descriptor for payments towards fiscally sponsored projects (instead of the organization name)


Partner portal

  • Added support for organization tagging
  • Unused tags will not appear any more as suggestions in the tag filter input
  • Added organization ID and organization tags columns to downloadable campaigns report

Bug fixes

  • Goal not visible on mobile campaign pages



  • Partner campaign reports: Added Offers rewards column
  • Private API endpoint for bulk sub-campaign creation: Added support for tags

Bug fixes

  • Do not show the name of referral partners on the organizations report page
  • File upload fixes for custom forms
  • Fixed signature display in reports


Bug fixes

  • Fixed error that prevents updating donations
  • Fixed sorting in partner portal campaigns report
  • Fixed link to clone promotions in sponsorship portal
  • Donor data reminder notification emails: Open the proper tab

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