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Release 67 Notes – January 2021

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Release 67

Sponsor management

  • Sysadmin can now enable self-self sponsorship management features for specific organizations
  • Organizations will be able to create and manage promotions and sponsorships
  • Users can now specify a promotion start time (instead of just the date)
  • The promotion end date is now optional
  • Improved UX and streamlined the process for organization (e.g. removed the need to create separate sponsor entries)
  • Important: For the time being, sponsorships created from the admin console cannot be managed by organizations directly (and vice versa)

Contribution images 

  • Added a new data collection option that allows contributors to upload one image
  • This is fully integrated into offline contributions and the contribution editor
  • The image will be shown in activity feeds and images will appear in the campaign’s media gallery
  • Based on aggregation settings, contribution images (added to sub-campaigns) might also appear on master campaign pages


  • Implemented an alternative search based on Elasticsearch
  • Improved accuracy of search (e.g. by email address)
  • Search data will now be available immediately to all users (previously there had been a 10 minute delay due to our search index replication)
  • Important: Search results will initially still be based on our old search index. After we completed the re-indexing of our existing data in Elasticsearch, we will be able to switch completed (expected after a few days)

Tax receipts 

  • Options to re-issue and cancel receipts are now generally available to all organizations
  • Use new default options for tax receipts (applicable to new organizations only):
    • Prefix: FR-
    • Add three leading zeros


  • Implemented basic support for stock-keeping units (SKU)
  • SKUs are displayed on reward pages and in transaction reports

Rich-text editor 

  • Improved layout of Vimeo videos in stories
  • Fixed bugs caused by the concurrent usage of multiple rich-text editor instances

Multi-tier campaigns 

  • Master campaign manager can now change the status of individual sub-campaigns directly from the sub-campaigns report page
  • Added a “Back to campaign” link to registration pages

Unicode support 

  • Improved support for Unicode characters. This includes 4 byte characters that were previously removed (e.g. Emojis)


  • Replaced all date and time picker components with our date range picker component for a more consistent experience
  • Improved vanity name generation and letter avatar resolution for names containing non-latin characters
  • Avoid suggesting inactive campaigns on campaigns that finished


Public API

  • Implemented support for since and since_id parameters for payment requests made with user access
  • Always include all collected donor data in payments (even after data collection has been disabled on a campaign)


Stripe payments

  • Fixed processing caused by invalid statement descriptors (caused by use of non-latin characters in campaign owner name)

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