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Release Notes

Release 68 Notes – April 2021

By April 9, 2021October 3rd, 2022No Comments

Sponsor management

  • All organizations now have access to the sponsor features
  • Promotions report: Show how much of the allocated budget has been consumed and is left (only if a limit is set)
  • Added edit pencil to sponsor banners on campaign pages (linking to the promotion edit screen)


  • Added pick-up option for shippable rewards
  • If selected, contributors will not be charged shipping fees for that particular order item

Order items report

  • Added a dedicated report for campaigns that offer rewards
  • It lists every single order item as a separate line item
  • Fulfilment can be toggled for each order item individually

Partner portal

  • Organization ownership transfers of campaigns:
    • If enabled by a sysadmin, partner managers will be able to transfer the ownership of an organization campaign (to another organization)
    • Only transfers between organizations of the same partner account are supported
    • If a the initial campaign is set up with organization specific Pro pricing, the transferred campaign will be assigned the default pricing of the new organization
  • Sysadmins can now disable access for partner managers to any commission related reports (even when the pricing model is sharing revenue)
  • Added link to Organizations tab that allows for direct onboarding of a new organization

Campaign pages

  • Added support for linking to custom tabs (via #custom & #custom2 for master campaign tabs displayed on sub-campaigns)


  • Campaigns can now add add a financial coding data attribute (i.e. account name) to campaigns, which will be shown in transaction reports and passed to Stripe
  • Added privacy flags (show name & show amount) to transaction reports
  • Added the payment date to tax receipt reports as it might differ from the tax receipt creation date


  • Improved PayPal account onboarding to prevent involuntary page redirects when connecting a PayPal account
  • Adaptive Payments: Show the proper amount including tip for AON payments during checkout (previously the tip amount was missing on the PayPal preapproval authorization screen)

Smart widgets

  • Improved the responsive layout of grid widgets on mobile devices (or if put into very width-restrictive containers)
  • Leaderboard widgets: Fix for missing widget if the following settings are used: Source = All organization campaigns, Entry type = Team
  • Grid widgets: Fixed bug that resulted in the “Sorry we couldn’t find that“ message to be shown when not appropriate

Email address validation

  • Integrated email address validation (via SendGrid’s validation API)
  • Going forward, any email address used during either contact import and campaign email sharing, will be validated
  • If validation fails or is deemed as risky with known bounces, we will not send any emails (Emails that fail validation will still show in the campaign’s contacts list)

Campaign analytics

  • Added payments breakdown to communicate how the (publicly shown) total raised relates to actual processed payments
  • Pricing & fees:
    • We now always show the pricing table (even if only one pricing model is used)
    • Improved fee and fee recovery breakdown (e.g. by adding the intended amount before fee recovery)

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