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Release Notes

Release 66 Notes – November 2020

By November 17, 2020October 3rd, 2022No Comments

Payment confirmation emails

  • Added the ability to customize the payment confirmation email for a campaign
  • Campaign managers can change the email subject line and add custom rich-text content
  • Added the ability to preview the payment confirmation email

Story updates

  • Added WYSIWYG editor support for composing story updates
  • Added support for rich-text update delivery via email and activity feeds

Activity feeds

  • Improved layout and appearance of feed items
  • Removed redundant action links

Whitelabel themes

  • Added full support for missing Google fonts
  • Added custom font preview to theme editor

Whitelabel partners

  • Partner managers with Editor permission now have full edit control over organizations (previously only campaigns)
  • Granting the Editor permission is now only available for partner managers that have the Editor permission themselves

Smart widgets

  • Improved the Manage link widget experience on mobile
  • Fixed layout for lightboxed widget content on mobile

Account settings

  • The user name and account avatar can now be edited separately

Performance improvements

  • Improved permission lookup performance for all page requests
  • Improved load times for sub-campaigns report pages


  • Use round avatar images across the entire app
  • SendGrid: Migrated to API key based authentication
  • Fixed several XSS vulnerabilities


Smart widgets

  • Fixed broken Sign-in link
  • Show loading indicator for widget iframe reloads (in lightboxed widgets)

Multi-tier campaigns

  • Skip sending approval notification emails if the sub-campaign owner is also the master campaign owner
  • Enhanced admin bulk sub-campaign imports to support the customization of campaign titles, stories and short names


Performance improvements

  • Improved generation and load times of campaign objects
  • Grid widgets featuring sub-campaigns now fully support server-side pagination for improved load times


Social logins


  • Improve application page caching
  • Improved triggers for delivering retention emails


Multi-tier campaigns

  • Registration info (form data and signature) is now accessible in the subcampaigns report


  • Updated copyright message
  • Fixed some minor style regressions



  • Re-enabled option to manually onboard organization WePay accounts

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