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Help Guide

Not sure where to begin? These articles should get you going in the right direction! Learn how to use this Help Center, how pricing and payments work, general platform information, integrations, resources and more!

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Wondering how this all works? These articles help explain crowdfunding with ConnectionPoint (FundRazr, CoCoPay, PetFundr, and Crowdfundr) basics from start to finish.

6 articles

Organization Management

Find help here if you are a part of an organization on a ConnectionPoint platform. You'll find answers and information about Organizations on FundRazr, Crowdfundr, and CoCoPay platforms.

47 articles

Campaign Management

Find help here if you are an owner or a part of a campaign team on a ConnectionPoint platform. You'll find answers and information about FundRazr, Crowdfundr, and CoCoPay campaigns.

214 articles

User Account Management

Whether you're an organization, campaign owner, fundraiser, or supporter, this section answers questions about your user account with ConnectionPoint (FundRazr, CoCoPay, Crowdfundr, PetFundr).

17 articles

Payment Processing

Common questions, troubleshooting error messages, and other information around crowdfunding campaign contributions and payment processing with Stripe and PayPal.

29 articles

For Supporters

Find help here if you contributing (donating) to a ConnectionPoint campaign and have some questions. This information applies to all campaigns (FundRazr, CoCoPay, Crowdfundr, PetFundr, or third-party users).

27 articles


The Help Centre is your technical guide through our platforms... but what about guidance through crowdfunding itself?? Well, here it is! All outside help you need with creating the perfect campaign; best practice guides, toolkits, blogs, and how to connect with our success team, all in one convenient location.

6 articles

About ConnectionPoint

Who is ConnectionPoint? How do we relate to FundRazr, CoCoPay, Crowdfundr, and PetFundr? Learn all about us here and find documents such as Terms & Conditions, privacy policies, and more.

4 articles

Talk To Us

Have a question or information for us? Learn how to contact ConnectionPoint through multiple channels, no matter which platform you are using (FundRazr, CoCoPay, Crowdfundr, PetFundr).

10 articles