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Is your campaign not as far along as it should be? While a slump in donations is expected in of the middle day, falling behind can cause stress. These three proven techniques will help set your campaign up for success.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to keep donations flowing in throughout the entire duration of your campaign
  • How to encourage your supporters to donate again

About our Speaker, Shan Reeb:
Shan Reeb is the Senior Digital Fundraising Strategist for ConnectionPoint. She’s worked on hundreds of crowdfunding campaigns for a massive variety of projects, from large multi-national organizations down to individuals with a simple idea. She also volunteers as a fundraising coordinator for Rabbitats Rescue Society – an organization that rescues and rehomes abandoned rabbits and educates the public on their care.
A passionate story writer, Shan’s favourite part of working on crowdfunding is finding the story in every project. Her first novel is currently with an editor and she’s impatient to bring it to the world!

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