Changing the Face of Crowdfunding

The ConnectionPoint brand family provides powerful business solutions for fundraising and e-commerce.

Crowdfunding presents a unique opportunity to change the way we approach fundraising, cause marketing, and product management.

ConnectionPoint's crowdfunding services enable brands to increase customer acquisition and brand engagement using custom branded plugins, providing a robust set of actionable analytics.

FundRazr allows anyone to raise funds for anything, anywhere. Our solution for nonprofits, personal and entrepreneurial causes.

Sponsifi is the digital revolution of cause marketing and sponsored crowdfunding.

CoCoPay is a collaborative community payments tool that enables customers to crowdfund their purchases with the funds going directly to your company.


ConnectionPoint shortens the distance between your brand and your customers. Whether it's cause-based crowdfunding or peer-to-peer group purchases, our services make the process simpler, more engaging, and socially integrated.

Amplified Social Reach

  • Powerful social tools to reach as many people as possible
  • Social media ‘content farming’
  • Fully branded rich media social sharing

Community Connection

  • Organic Content Distribution Network

  • Smart Widget Technology

White Label Options

  • Fully branded solution

  • Easily integrated into your site

  • Control the campaign experience

Brand Lift

  • Lets brands amplify the reach and impact of campaigns

  • Creates Brand engagement that’s relevant

  • In-feed sponsored brand content

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