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Release Notes

Release 62 Notes – April 2020

By April 24, 2020October 3rd, 2022No Comments

Campaign sign up

  • Revised the first signup step (restoring past behavior)
  • We now prompt for an introduction again (used as social media summary)

Campaign cloning

  • Organization managers are now able to clone regular as well as master campaigns
  • The following options (if applicable) determine what content will be cloned:
    • Team members: Managers, Promoters, Members
    • Rewards
    • Media items
    • Sponsorship
    • Sub-campaigns
  • Cloned data is entirely independent from its source and all stats will be reset
  • Cloned campaigns are reset to “Not launched“ by default
  • A cloned campaign has the same owner has the source campaign
  • Sub-campaigns if cloned will retain their existing run and approval status


  • Fully implemented support for pending payments:
    • Pending payments are considered successful during the checkout flow, which means the contributor sees the payment confirmation screen and receives the confirmation email
    • Transaction reports:
      • Added filter option for pending payments
      • Color code Pending and Not completed payments (also done in downloadable xlsx files)
  • Improved Pro pricing:
    • The estimated fee calculation now accounts for the 2.9% being paid for the fee coverage amount itself
    • We now charge our service fee based on the payment amount excluding the fee coverage amount. Previously our service fee had been charged based on the total amount.
  • Re-enabled processing with the PayPal Commerce API (PayPal for Marketplaces)
  • PayPal Adaptive Payments: Changed line item for tips from “FundRazr support fee“ to “Tip for contribution to …“
  • Donation confirmation email: Added info about the tipped amount or processing fees (if fees have been covered)

MailChimp integration

  • Organizations can now link their MailChimp account
  • Contributors and/or fundraisers that register can automatically be added as subscribers in Mailchimp
  • Users have the option to specify the audience and groups
  • Mailchimp can be enabled by default for all new campaigns (Note that it has to be manually enabled for existing campaigns)
  • The opt-in behavior for contributors can be customized. This includes the text label displayed as well as options to change the pre-check behavior
  • Subscription settings can be customized on campaign level

Profile pages

  • Personal profile pages can now add rich-text content (similar to organizations)
    • Note that we match the content for personal profile pages against our sensitive words filter
    • If a match is found, the personal profile will not be indexable
  • Enhanced privacy settings
    • Added support for hiding profile stats
    • Added support for hiding profile activity (i.e. activity feeds and campaigns)
    • The privacy setting has been removed from an individual’s account settings (instead they are available directly on the profile page)


  • Contacts are now aggregated on master campaign level, that means followers of sub-campaigns show up in the master campaign’s contacts
  • Master campaign managers can now send story updates to all followers of that campaign (including the sub-campaigns)

Organization campaigns report

  • Added layout column and changed terminology for Standard campaign
  • Changed default sort order and added support for ordering by created time (asc, desc) and total raised (desc)

Registration editor

  • Added support for drag & drop of form fields

Public API

  • Added new endpoints to:
    • Get organizations that a user manages
    • Get activity feeds for either organization, campaign or user, filterable by type
    • Get activity comments
    • Create/Delete a story update (including image upload)
    • Create/Delete comments
  • Improved usability by always including the object type
  • Activities can now be fetched with the last three comments
  • Added additional fields e.g. for claimed items


  • Prevent the navigation bar from scaling to the full browser width on desktop
  • Rich-text content: Removed the margin from images if they are the first element in block
    • This should make it easier to align images and text in column layouts
  • Master campaigns with sub-campaigns can now be deleted (as long as they didn’t raise any money)
  • Offline contribution creation page: Added toggle to simplify switching between payment and contributor detail screens



  • Optimized email delivery for story updates for a large number of followers
  • Removed Contact link from personal profile pages
  • Fixed issue that prevented users from adding a Google AdWord account to a campaign



  • Restricted the availability of the text message share option: Only available to vetted organizations and approved personal campaigns as long as they are not flagged as private



  • Sponsored campaigns can now offer recurring payment options



  • Disabled PayPal Commerce platform payments (until we resolve handling of pending transactions)
  • Admin console – Transactions report:
    • Added support to check the payment status for incomplete payment attempts (if a payment ID exists)
    • Added option to issue refund requests for pending payments


Bug fixes

  • PayPal Commerce platform fix for pending captures
  • Regression: Media not associated to story updates were missing in gallery

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