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Release Notes

Release 63 Notes – June 2020

By June 5, 2020October 3rd, 2022No Comments

Campaign pages

  • By default, we now show all activity tabs in all campaign layouts
  • Sub-section content (e.g. the Fundraisers on P2P event pages) is now accessible via a dedicated tab link
  • Show a sticky tab navigation when the user scrolls past the initial campaign content

Custom content tab

  • Campaign pages can now add a custom content tab
  • Custom tab content can be specified using our rich-text editor and can the tab label can be freely set

Registration fees & rewards

  • Enhanced our registration capabilities to not just allow charging one registration fee
  • Instead campaigns can now offer a set of fees or rewards that are available as part of the registration process
  • Registration rewards and regular campaign rewards are currently managed separately
  • Introduced a new Fee reward type
  • During checkout, we enforce the selection of at least on Fee (if available)
  • Improved the checkout experience for registration payments
  • Allow for topping up the amount paid for registration fees & rewards
  • Added support for “$0” transactions, which allows users to checkout while receiving a 100% discount on registration fees (if a corresponding registration promo code has been applied)
  • Renamed the default transaction tag for registration payments from registration fee to registration
  • Added the ordered registration items to the Fundraisers report


  • Refer to Rewards instead of Perks in the admin user interfaces
  • Added new default images for every single reward type (e.g. use a different default image for Wishes)

Public API

  • Implemented PKCE support for OAuth flows (used for apps that cannot rely on a client secret like mobile apps)
  • Improved look and feel of the OAuth screen


  • WePay payments: Ensure to not charge our tip if the initial payment to the cause failed
  • Donation confirmation emails: Added info to check the spam folder for receiving tax receipts
  • Minor campaign editor improvements


Public API

  • Added endpoint to fetch the public campaign stats for multiple campaigns in one call


Whitelabel partners

  • Added options to toggle Facebook features that rely on extended permissions (i.e. search by friends or add to tab)
  • Fixed links to our admin console (on whitelabeled domains)


  • Improved the app estimation of the lifetime total raised (as displayed during campaign signup)



  • Reduced abuse potential for spam via password reset emails by adding rate limiting and not including suspicious user names in email
  • Added whitelabel icons for FundingHubs



  • Feature teams instead of team members in attribution picker during checkouts (on DIY and MP_GRID master campaign pages)

Campaign analytics

  • Fixed the processed amount on the master campaign’s analytics page

Rich-text editor

  • Increased the maximum file for for image uploads (from 10MB to 20MB)
  • Increased the maximum image dimensions (from 1170 x 2400 px to 1170 x 5000 px)


Campaign pages

  • Added support for aggregating story updates on the master campaign level (via admin console)
  • Show the updates tab on the following master layouts: P2P_EVENT, DIY, MP_LEADERBOARD, MP_GRID
  • Renamed the “Shop” tab to “Perks”

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