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Medical crowdfunding with CoCoPay allows communities to give the gift of health and wellness to their loved ones.

But, we know that asking for help can be stressful and asking for money can be even harder. That’s why we paired the best-in-class technology with expert coaching help to give you the support you or your loved ones deserve.

NOTE: This guide is designed for individuals running independent campaigns. If you have received your campaign through your medical provider, you may still use the suggestions in this guide – there just may be certain features unavailable to you and your campaign creation process will likely be different.

Contact us if you’re unsure!

This guide takes you through

  • Choosing your campaign goal
  • What you can include in your story
  • Best practices for pictures and video
  • How creating the campaign on CoCoPay works
  • How to promote your medical crowdfunding campaign
  • How to update your campaign and supporters

*Please consider the environment before printing. Try copying and pasting or recreating tables on your own.*


You can create a campaign and play around with the platform without inputting any payment accounts or allowing outside users to see it! So if you are nervous about creating your campaign (and it is understandable and valid if you are!), go ahead to click “Start your CoCoPay campaign” below. Familiarize yourself with the platform, its privacy features, and ask all the questions. We love questions!

Have questions?

We’re here for you! Our Discord channel is a place to connect with other digital fundraisers and the CoCoPay team to ask questions, seek advice, and share strategies. But if you don’t do Discord, feel free to email us at

Ready to go?

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