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Professional medical crowdfunding gives your patients the opportunity to explore their best options. If there are multiple treatment or device options available, you would want them to achieve the optimal outcome rather than settling for an “acceptable” one due to financial limitations. CoCoPay enables patients to upgrade their care beyond what their insurance covers, so they can receive the best treatment available.

Professional medical crowdfunding can optimize your referrals!

Are you tired of missing out on referral opportunities when your patients turn to public crowdfunding platforms for their medical expenses? CoCoPay offers a solution that allows your patients to raise funds while incorporating your brand and story into their campaign. This means that every person who receives a crowdfunding request from your patient will be exposed to an endorsement of your practice, amplifying your brand and reaching potential new patients. With CoCoPay, you can turn every patient into a referral source and watch your practice grow.

Set-up is easy and quick.

Setting up CoCoPay for your practice, whether it’s a single or multi-location, requires very little effort and can be done easily on your own. While we do provide one-on-one support throughout the entire process, this toolkit will help you become familiar with the platform and guide you until it becomes second nature.

*Please consider the environment before printing. Try copying and pasting or recreating tables on your own.*

Patient Coaching Guide

This guide, referenced in the above toolkit, is a resource for you to download and send to your patients directly to help them customize their campaigns and have their best shot at success.

Have questions?

We’re here for you! Our Discord channel is a place to connect with other digital fundraisers and the CoCoPay team to ask questions, seek advice, and share strategies. But if you don’t do Discord, feel free to email us at

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