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Crowdfunding for veterinary care is a short hop away with PetFundr.
Connecting your practice to PetFundr helps pet parents access your extraordinary care and the best options for their animal. This toolkit contains everything you need to get started on PetFundr, optimize your profile and campaigns, and set your clients up for success.

Creating a crowdfunding portal for your veterinary practice is free and easy with PetFundr. With this toolkit, you will learn to optimize all aspects of the platform AND help your clients maximize their success.

This toolkit includes:

  • Checklist of images and files needed to begin
  • Screenshot ‘tour’ of profiles and campaigns on PetFundr
  • Customizing your profile
  • Choosing organizational and campaign teams
  • Pricing and payment processing information
  • How to create and edit your main campaign
  • How to set up client registration, or how to create campaigns on behalf of your clients
  • How to write your campaign stories
  • How to manage your clients and their campaign pages
  • Transaction information guide
  • SmartWidget guide
  • FAQs
  • Client coaching guide

Have questions?

We’re here for you! Our Discord channel is a place to connect with other digital fundraisers and the PetFundr team to ask questions, seek advice, and share strategies. But if you don’t do Discord, feel free to email us at

Ready to go?

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