The Premier Platform for Collaborative Commerce

$275M+ raised across 200,000 campaigns to power social impact, animal care, creative and healthcare projects.

Our Advanced Fundraising Platforms

Next-generation digital fundraising platform for nonprofits, social causes and professional fundraisers.   

  • Best-in-class, enterprise-grade fundraising functionality
  • 7000+ organizations raising money across 100 countries
  • Innovative donor engagement functionality to optimize giving results

Crowdfunding platform designed for creators to sustainably fund their projects and ideas. 

  • Flexible projects types and models (ex: Keep-it-all or All-or-Nothing)
  • Continuous crowdfunding to sustainably raise money and fund a series of art projects 
  • 0% fee crowdfunding to empower artists and creative projects of all sizes and shapes

First community-powered medical payment solution to increase affordability and access to quality healthcare.

  • Turns quality care into the most meaningful gift friends and family can give
  • The solution integrated into the payment flow of a healthcare provider
  • Supporters of a patient get a tax receipt for their financial contribution* *USA only

Crowdfunding platform for animal and pet care for rescues, veterinarians and pet parents.

  • Unique micro-campaign functionality built for animal fundraising.
  • Recommended by veterinarian associations like IVMA etc.
  • Great donation experience for repeatable results.

Our Guiding Principles


We are committed to serving our community with a high degree of technology and business transparency.

High standards of excellence

We take data security, platform stability (uptime >99.9%) and user experience very seriously. We continuously invest in the enhancement of our core technology to maintain the best standards across all our platforms.


We believe that together with our community we can make the world a better place by powering generosity not only in funding but in knowledge and innovation.

Accessibility to high-quality technology

To grow a positive impact on the community, we strive to provide access to our platforms to as many organizations and communities for free or as close to it as possible.

Built for excellence and the best experience for customers and their communities

The backbone for collaborative commerce

ConnectionPoint’s multi-purpose platform brings a unique perspective to collaborative funding. Our technological infrastructure, innovative solutions and deep expertise help our customers across various industries build connections with their communities and work together to solve funding problems.


million dollars raised


countries using ConnectionPoint


thousand campaigns launched

Innovation, ease-of-use and power in one platform

Gets strong marks from reviewers for their social media integration tools, the wide variety of campaigns hosted, and the personal coaching you can get once you’ve kicked off your campaign. Users, on the whole, are far more complimentary of it than of any other platform out there.


The platform is built with ease of use as the priority with no complicated tech setups. They do offer website and CRM integrations, recurring donations, incentives, and secure payment processing.


Integrates with Facebook, making it easy for users to embed fundraisers or crowdfunding pages across Facebook or on individual Facebook pages. This makes sharing specific campaigns fast and convenient.


Provides you with all the tools you need to help bring your project to life, from software integrations to an easy-to-use mobile app. Anyone can raise money with this platform. Whether you are an artist or a nonprofit, you have a place on this platform.