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Release Notes

Release 83 Notes – June 2023

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New Features

Smart Builder (AKA Templates)

  • Added the ability to create a campaign from a template by using the smart builder.
  • Different templates may exist for each platform or enterprise.
  • When a campaign is created using the smart builder, the campaign will contain certain settings by default that can be changed. Templates may also contain a unique set of tasks to help campaign owners/editors set-up and manage their campaign.
  • To create a campaign using the smart builder, follow the steps below:
    • Create a new campaign.
    • Give your campaign a title, select a category and select “Your or someone you know” or “An organization” when asked “Who is the money for?”.
    • Select “Save & continue”
    • If templates exist, in the “Type” step, when asked “How will you build your campaign?”, leave “Use SMART BUILDER” selected.
    • Under select a campaign type, browse through the different templates and select one that applies to your campaign. You can select details on each template widget to learn more and/or preview the template.
    • Once an appropriate template is determined, select the template followed by apply in the pop-up.
    • Complete the details section (and funding if creating a personal campaign).
    • Select “Review your campaign”
    • Follow the tasks in the tasks panel to guide you through the campaign setup process.
    • Upon completing all tasks, select “Launch now”.

Use SMART BUILDER // Browse Templates

Unique tasks for the selected campaign type/template

Default tasks

  • The tasks populated on any new campaign (for campaign owners/editors) have been updated. The updated tasks will guide users through the campaign setup process efficiently and effectively.
  • Tasks may differ depending on the platform being used and whether the campaign owner is using the smart builder, cloning or starting from scratch.
  • When selecting the button at the bottom of a task, if screen size permits, the task will remain open during task execution so that users can refer to task instructions.
  • Upon completing the task, users will be prompted to mark the task as done.

Task open while executing task

Refund Contributions

  • Added the ability for campaign owners/managers (for personal campaigns) or organization owners/managers (for organization campaigns) to refund payments from the transactions page.
  • Due to the payment providers’ refund policies, the transaction fees incurred on the original payment will not be refunded to the campaign’s payment account. However, contributors will still receive a full refund.


  • If a user is a member of campaigns on different platforms, they will now see all campaigns associated with their user account on the campaigns page.

Resolved Issues

Minor bug fixes.