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Release Notes

Release 71 Notes – October 2021

By October 8, 2021October 3rd, 2022No Comments

Custom forms & form builder

  • Improved input support for emailphone number and URL input fields
  • Added new date and number input validation types (including native browser widget support)
  • Added new terms field type, that allows users to embed a rich-text document
    • Viewing the document can be optional or mandatory
    • An e-signature (either drawn or uploaded) can be required
    • Every custom form can contain multiple terms fields
  • Rules now support checking for the presence of file upload or terms fields

Partner features

  • Added support for allowing partners to customize the information collected for campaign and organization signups (using our custom form builder)
  • Improved partner vetting:
    • If partner signups require approval, the main vetting status (as shown in our sysadmin console) will automatically be updated when the partner approves/denies the organization (similar to how campaigns were already working)
    • Organizations will now receive an email if the partner approved or denied their organization
    • All partner vetting changes are now properly tracked in our revision history
  • Signup notifications
    • Sub-campaign signups will not trigger a campaign signup notification email to the partner any more
    • Include the identity (user or organization) in campaign signup notifications
    • Partners will now receive a signup notification for every organization
  • Campaign report enhancements
    • Include organization name and URL if applicable
    • Include the campaign introduction
    • Include custom signup data (if applicable)
  • Organization report enhancements:
    • Organization reports are now downloadable
    • Include custom signup data (if applicable)
  • Transaction report enhancements:
    • Include the partner commission for each transaction (if applicable)
  • Added option to disable organization sponsorship features for all partner organizations
  • Added sysadmin option to enable partner level sponsorship features
    • If enabled, partner editors will be able to manage sponsorships directly from within their partner portal
    • Promotions will be re-usable for all partner campaigns
  • Added sysadmin option to disable offline contributions for partner organizations (they can still be added by partner editors)
  • Added sysadmin option to make campaign goals mandatory for all partner campaign signups
  • Added sysadmin option to add custom email content for payment confirmation emails
  • Partner editors are now able to modify the tax receipt settings for an organization

Multi-tier fundraising

  • Registration fees/rewards can now be marked as preselected in the registration reward editor. If done, they will automatically be preselected in registration payment checkouts
  • Added option to toggle the sub-campaign creation flow for all types of multi-tier campaigns (including P2P campaigns with custom registration enabled)
  • Added an alternative At registration option to allow users to only join a team when they register for a P2P campaign (not via campaign pages)
  • Added option to set the default Show stats value on sub-campaigns. Valid values are Inherit from masterShow or Hide. In addition the setting can now be locked for sub-campaigns

Campaign pages

  • Implemented support for an additional second custom tab (with support to show up to four custom tabs on sub-campaign pages if two are inherited from the master)
  • Campaign editor: Moved the custom tab content into a separate tab for better discoverability
  • Payment pages: Added option to skip the post donation social impact options entirely


  • Organization editor: Added a new Accounting tab
  • Added support for setting an Organization ID
  • Added support for setting the default Account ID for organization campaigns
  • Both Organization ID and campaign Account IDs will be including in downloadable reports (e.g. transaction reports)

Grid widgets

  • Added support for alphabetical sorting of campaigns

Google indexing

  • Automatically notify Google and request it to re-index a campaign page if the search engine visibility changes
  • Added sysadmin option to request re-indexing of a specific page (accessible on the Lowlevel operations page)
  • Note that the indexing features above are only available for campaigns that run on (not whitelabel partner domains)

Sysadmin payment reports

  • Better distinguish our global payments report page and the campaign/organization specific payment report pages
  • Campaign/organization payment report enhancements:
    • Added option to re-check the payment status for any attempted payment with VERIFICATION_NEEDED status, that is older than one hour
    • Show the tip amount and status (if applicable, similar to the global payments report)
    • Added option for refunding successful tip transactions, even if the payment to the cause failed


  • Upgraded our video player component and made improvements to avoid the need for clicking twice to start playing videos in activity feeds, media galleries and campaign pages
  • Include a link to the platform’s privacy policy in all transactional emails
  • Stylesheet customizations for the Goverment of Alberta whitelabel partner
  • Team invitations now expire after 30 days (previously 7 days)
  • Changed country name from “Taiwan, Province of China“ to “Taiwan, Republic of China“



  • Performance optimisations to significantly reduce the runtime of our daily coaching tip update job
  • Fixed regression in user account merge


Bug fixes

  • Don’t show the amount in related fundraisers list if the campaign hides its stats
  • Fixed search query for team searches
  • Emails: Avoid the use of duplicate TO and BCC headers (now enforced by SendGrid)

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