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Release Notes

Release 70 Notes – August 2021

By August 10, 2021October 3rd, 2022No Comments

UX improvements

  • Breadcrumbs are now sticky
  • Show a Scroll to top button on all app pages
  • Sidebar settings are now persisted in a cookie beyond the browser session
  • Sidebar improvements for mobile devices
  • Report tables: Improved discoverability of the link to show all columns of an entry
  • Campaign & Organization edits: Show a warning when users try to navigate away after changing payment accounts without saving

Rich-text editor

  • Added support for button link styling (Supports our theme button colors and different sizes)
  • Our rich-text emails support button styling as well (limited to a single size)
  • Added option to generate campaign specific links (e.g. to a specific campaign tab, a contribution link or the registration page if applicable)

Campaign pages

  • Show a noticeable Subscribe button on campaign pages
  • Show real-time notifications for contributions made while viewing a campaign page
  • Real-time updates of stats (e.g. deadline and total raised) and activity timestamps
  • Campaign page URLs with a trailing / work now
  • Use https by default for all our short links (


  • Organizations can now be vetted by a partner (the vetting status will be applied to all of the organization’s current and future campaigns)
  • Sub-campaigns now inherit the master campaign’s vetting status
  • Added setting to restrict signups to either personal or organization campaigns
  • Downloadable campaign reports now adhere to the currently applied filters
  • Campaigns can now be archived to hide them from the partner’s campaign report by default
  • Removed any campaign template related functionality (as those were deprecated)
  • Pay and Register pages accessed on now always open on the whitelabel domain (if applicable)
  • Customizable “Powered by” brand for whitelabel partners (shown in page footers)


  • Campaigns can now be archived to hide them from the organization’s campaign report by default

Multi-tier campaigns

  • Added option to use a dynamic sub-campaign goal (team members times the default member goal)
  • Sub-campaigns can now show/hide their stats independent from the master campaign’s visibility setting
  • Avoid using “Unnamed team“ and instead base the name on a public team member’s first name
  • Added option that allows P2P sub-campaigns to invite members and bypass the custom registration flow (This option must be enabled on the master campaign)


  • Show a notification if a valid, applied promo code does not affect any of the selected items
  • Campaigns can now enforce that at least one reward has to be selected during checkout (if applicable)


Fundraiser report Include the full referrer URL for a fundraiser (instead of just the basic campaign URL)


Multi-currency campaigns

  • Added payment support for CNY and KRW
  • Adjust the default payment amounts based on the selected currency
  • Distinguish ambiguous currency symbols by including the currency code in activity feeds, the campaign’s total raised and payment confirmation emails

Bug fixes

  • Fixed payment request handling (e.g. Google Pay) to ensure the browser’s payment method UI is closed upon payment completion
  • Hide sponsorship tagline in checkout flow if neither matching nor sponsored incentives are offered

Bug fixes

  • Fixed OEmbed widgets not rendering on custom tabs
  • Fixed related fundraisers not loading if a direct link to that tab is used
  • Intercom: Don’t force the widget to show if the user has unread messages
  • Don’t send custom thank you emails if a user opted out of receiving emails
  • Fixed integrity checks during tax receipt cancellation

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