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Release Notes

Release 69 Notes – June 2021

By June 4, 2021October 3rd, 2022No Comments

Admin UX revamp

  • Moved all administrative links into a sidebar menu
  • Optimized the page navigation experience for all device types
  • Consolidated and integrated all tab navigation links on edit pages into the sidebar menu
  • Feature quick access links in the top navbar on campaign and organization-specific pages
  • Restructured the multi-tier and registration settings for organization campaigns
  • Edit pages: Unified the editing experience by always showing save links in a sticky page title bar
  • Replaced the default Intercom launcher with a custom chat link (accessible from the sidebar and user menus)

Campaign preview

  • Improved campaign page previews to support proper resizing and enabled tab interactions
  • Added preview support for pending changes on campaign edit pages
  • Campaign editors now see a public preview option, allowing them to see how the campaign appears to visitors

Campaign admin panel

  • The admin panel is now hidden by default and can be shown on demand
  • Only crucial campaign alerts will be shown to campaign managers by default
  • Always show the number of unread campaign tasks on campaign-related pages

Campaign pages

  • Revamped mobile campaign for better feature parity with desktop & tablet versions
  • Improved sticky tab navigation
  • Team members can temporarily toggle the visibility of referrer banners
  • Added alternative List & Leaderboard option for featuring related campaigns or team members

Story update emails

  • Significantly reduced delays in email delivery (both for scheduled and non-scheduled updates)
  • Removed misleading time shown in update emails

Partner Portal

  • Managers of partner accounts that allow access to transactions data (Must be enabled by sysadmins), will now have access to a full featured transactions report (including search, filtering and downloads)
  • Partner managers with editor permission will also be able to edit transaction details
  • Unified the admin experience for partner managers and regular users


  • Added recurring payment support for semi-annual and annual payments


  • Added two new organization types: Fiscal sponsor & Fiscally sponsored project
  • Profile pages: Responsive page layout improvements
  • Tickets: Encode a full URL in the QR code (instead of just the ticket number) in order to improve future fulfillment
  • Video embeds: Added support for embedding YouTube live streams
  • Leaderboard widgets: Implemented multi-currency support for all source types (not just teams)
  • Updated story guide on how to write a good campaign story


RunGo widgets

  • Added support for embedding RunGo widgets in rich-text stories


Facebook sharing

  • Fixed issue with Facebook share and send dialogs



  • Added mitigations to prevent email share message spam

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