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Release Notes

Release 65 Notes – October 2020

By October 8, 2020October 3rd, 20222 Comments


  • Rewards can now be sorted; Featuring a reward will not affect the order any more
  • Reward variants can now be sorted
  • Added option to copy all variants for a reward
  • Added a search option for both rewards and variants
  • The shipping date can now be modified after a reward has been claimed
  • Added support for zero amount (i.e. free) rewards

Promo codes

  • Promo codes for regular rewards now support both a percentage and amount based discount
  • Added support for an expiry date for promo codes
  • Promo codes can now be reward specific; By default new promo codes are not applied to all rewards
  • Unified the promo code functionality for both regular rewards and registration rewards; This also means multiple promo codes can now be used for the registration process
  • Increased the duration on how long promo codes are remembered (the promo code cookie now persists for 24 hours, from previously 30 minutes)

Multi-tier campaigns

  • Added option to show master campaign’s custom tab on all sub-campaigns (if applicable)
  • Added option to aggregate all story updates on the master campaign page (previously only accessible by private invitation)
  • Added option to enable independent rewards for sub-campaigns (previously only accessible by private invitation)

Campaign pre-launch

  • Enable all campaign sharing options before a campaign is launched
  • Allow visitors to subscribe to a campaign before launch
  • Subscribers will get notified once the campaign is launched

Campaign pages

  • Improved appearance of campaign progress meter
  • Show the campaign ID in the campaign’s admin panel (including a link to copy it to the clipboard)
  • Hide the Perks tab if all perks have been discontinued


  • Zero amount checkouts are now possible for non-registration payments
  • Stripe: Pass additional metadata that will be accessible in the Stripe dashboard: campaign_idsubcampaign_id (if applicable), organization_id (if applicable)
  • Top-up amounts: Always show the amount inputs (instead of a expandable UI)

Whitelabel themes

  • Added support for customizing the secondary button color


  • Improved email signin/signup UX
  • Campaign editor: We now use an off-canvas navigation for switching between tabs on mobile devices
  • Dropped the “offline” label for offline contributions in activity feeds
  • Enabled sub-campaign creation on behalf for approved organizations
  • Email previews now show the generated subject line

Bug fixes

  • Fixed regression that breaks authentication on older clients due to incompatible SameSite cookie attribute support (e.g. iOS 12)
  • Improved reliability of user sign outs
  • Timezone fixes for transaction reports
  • Fixed the max number of campaigns displayed in carousel widgets if a seedlist is used
  • Fixed preview for image crops



  • Always set the SameSite=None attribute for all cookies (required for current browser versions)


Stripe Payments

  • Fixed payment processing for accounts located in India (by capturing the full billing address)

Public API

  • Added option to disable all social logins for OAuth clients (required for Apple app store approvals without offering Sign in with Apple)

Bug fixes

  • Create offline contribution was inaccessible for master campaigns with independent rewards enabled on sub-campaigns


PayPal Payments

  • Added support for processing transactions with tips through the PayPal Marketplaces API

Public API

  • OAuth auth page: Show identity details and option to log out (replaced the non-functional user menu)
  • Added backend option to allow specific API clients to post story updates for members (not just promoters)

Bug fixes

  • Fixes issue that could result in users not being logged out properly


Public API

  • Added support for attaching videos hosted on 3rd party sites to story updates



  • Added option for sys-admins to cancel tax receipts (by replacing it with a zero amount receipt)
  • Payment flow: Changed wording for topup amount
  • Organization editor: Fixed bug resulting in the wrong currency being displayed



  • Reverted to show all Facebook dialogs as popups (due to Facebook positioning bugs)
  • Organization ownership transfers now don’t transfer ownership of all affected campaigns (if the old owner remains a manager on the organization)


Public API

  • Added custom endpoint for fetching aggregated event fundraising results that span across multiple P2P campaigns


Public API

  • Extended OAuth support for whitelabel partners with custom domains
  • Some UX improvements in app management screens

Bug fixes

  • Sticky navbar fix for broken campaigns and highlights links


Public API

  • Extended Fundraisers endpoint to allow the authorized user to fetch their own registrations for a campaign


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