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Release Notes

Release 64 Notes – July 2020

By July 3, 2020October 3rd, 20222 Comments

Editor permission

  • Added a new organization Editor permission
    • In addition to Promoter privileges, editors are able to modify the content of all organization campaigns
  • Added new campaign Editor permission
    • In addition to Promoter privileges, editors are able to modify the content for that specific campaign
    • The new permission is only available for organization campaigns (not personal campaigns)
  • The team invitation workflows fully support the new permission


  • Added Gift Aid support for organizations in the UK
  • Similar to tax receipts, Gift Aid can be auto-enabled for new campaigns
  • Only campaigns raising money in GBP are eligible for Gift Aid
  • If enabled for a campaign, we allow contributors to opt-in to a Gift Aid declaration
  • The declaration is included in transaction reports and managers are able to remove the Gift Aid declaration from individual transactions

Digital reward fulfillment

  • Added a new digital fulfillment option to Perk and Product rewards
  • Contributors will receive the fulfillment details as part of their payment confirmation email (or separately at the time a pledge is charged)
  • Digital fulfillment can be enabled in conjunction with shipping
  • Editors will be able to preview the payment confirmation email with the fulfillment details

Campaign Analytics

  • Added total net amount raised
  • Added total sponsor matched and Gift Aid amount (if applicable)


  • Enabled Stripe accounts for Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Malta and Romania

Partner portal

  • Added a new Organizations tab featuring all of a partner’s organization signups (with search support)
  • Partner editors also see direct links to the organization Edit and Campaigns pages


  • Secured email user signups with a CAPTCHA to prevent bots from signing up multiple accounts
  • Fixed reported security vulnerabilities

Bug fixes

  • Fixes inconsistencies in payment error codes



  • Apply the theme settings (e.g. color and fonts) to all widgets
  • Deliver whitelabel favicons and app icons via CDN
  • Custom copyright messages now preserve line breaks


  • Links are now larger and bold by default



  • Fixed error in fee calculation for transactions in certain currencies that result in processed payments being missing



  • Increased width of lightboxed campaign pages to fit the desktop layout if the Compact lightbox option is set


  • Hid the Legal category from Find pages
  • Upgraded to Facebook Graph API v7.0 (from 3.2)
  • Added whitelabel resources for Charity Village

Bug fixes

  • Prevent negative page views on Campaign Analytics pages (due to sampling)
  • Fixed regression in tax receipt preview
  • Fixed regression in order fulfillment (via Transaction reports)


Campaign sharing options

  • Added new option to toggle the availability of sharing options, including the sharing links displayed on campaign pages as well as post payment sharing options
  • Added new option to make all donors of a campaign appear anonymous to the public
  • Those options are only available by request to Support

Bug fix

  • Fixed issue with MailChimp integration: New email addresses were not added to mailing lists (also added a recovery job to re-play failed webhooks)


Bug fix

  • Fix for missing pricing info in account picker


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