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Your healthcare journey does not have to be the world’s business.

Follow these steps to ensure maximum privacy for your CoCoPay crowdfunding campaign.
*Downloadable PDF version at bottom of the article*

Are you concerned about your email being connected to this campaign? Consider creating a new email address specifically for this campaign. Use an alias or only initials as your first and last name when creating your CoCoPay account.

*Only use if you are running your campaign under a clinic, device manufacturer, or other medical care provider. Personal campaign owners must sign up for their CoCoPay campaign using the same email as with the payment processor or risk having payments frozen by the provider.

Important: While your identity is hidden from the general public, online payment regulations require that your donor knows your full name for their payment report. This means that only your donors will know your full name, but this is not a publicly searchable record. If you have any questions about this policy, you can reach out to PayPal or Stripe’s Trust & Safety team for more information on their privacy regulations.

Remove search index permissions.

Campaigns default to allow search engines (Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc.) to index them – meaning they’re findable if someone searches for them. CoCoPay also features campaigns on our homepage through this indexing.

Remove these permissions by clicking ‘Settings’ and then ‘Privacy’ in your campaign’s navigation menu, then unclick the radio buttons under the Search heading. Make sure to save.

For assistance and screenshots with this section, please visit:

Turn ‘off’ team settings or choose a team identifier you’re comfortable with while hiding your name.

a) Turn this setting off by clicking ‘Teams’ and then ‘Settings’ in your navigation menu. Toggle Team features to ‘Off.’

b) If choosing a team identifier, remove your name by clicking ‘Teams’ and then ‘Members.’ Click ‘Hide’ beside your name and ask any loved ones helping you with the campaign to do the same.

Write a ‘pre-launch’ email from your usual email address (that your supporters recognize) containing important information:

  • Your alias/initials or other identifier to be used in the campaign.
  • Your new email address for campaign purposes.
  • Ask for all supporters to mark their contributions as ‘Anonymous’ in the checkout flow (this only makes the contribution publicly anonymous in the Activity Feed. Transaction reports will contain every supporter’s name and email address).
  • Request no comments on contributions (perhaps encourage emailed/texted notes of encouragement).
  • Sharing expectations. Request they either:
    • Do not share at all.
    • Share via private methods only.

Private sharing options

Public sharing options

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are public sharing options. Request that your supporters do NOT share using these options.

Write expectations for privacy in your campaign story.

You do not have to explain why you’re setting these expectations – a reminder about anonymous contributions, no commenting, and private sharing expectations.

Remember, this is your campaign to customize in whatever way fits your comfort level.

We are here for whatever help you need:

(and every conversation is confidential)

Here’s to your health and wellness!

Download this toolkit here:

Have questions?

We’re here for you! Our Discord channel is a place to connect with other digital fundraisers and the CoCoPay team to ask questions, seek advice, and share strategies. But if you don’t do Discord, feel free to email us at

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